Welcome Fellow Winos!

Welcome fellow winos to the Swiss Wino blog!

Hello and welcome fellow winos! This is my first official Swiss Wino blog post.

I’ve been blessed to live with my family in beautiful Switzerland for many years and have been looking for a new challenge.

After working for one of the largest multinational corporations for 14 years as an IT manager, it was time for a change. I decided to follow my heart and do something I enjoy and am very passionate about. One of those things happens to be wine. Not just the drinking of it, which I definitely love, but learning about the different grape varieties, the various countries and regions, the soil, and the winemaking process itself. It’s been a fun ride and I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far and continue to discover with you.

I don’t pretend to be a wine expert or a sommelier, just a regular guy who’s passionate about wine. I will attempt to keep it light and fun, delivered in an interactive format.

Goal of Swiss Wino wine blog

My goal is to have the best Swiss wine blog that offers some insight to those interested about the region, what it has to offer and also extending that to wines from around the world that are accessible in Switzerland. No sense telling you about a wine that is unavailable or out of reach for most of us.

When I first arrived here I knew nothing of Swiss wine. This was a place famous for fancy watches, fantastic chocolate, fondue, cheese, banks, skiing, cuckoo clocks and cows. It’s been an enlightening and pleasurable experience learning about Swiss wine and I am continually surprised at what I discover! The scenery isn’t bad either.

So stay tuned for interesting wine articles, weekly wine deals, fun wine facts, events in the area, photos, videos, wine tasting tours and more to come!


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