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Upcoming Wine Events – May 2017

Spring has sprung and that means a busy wine tasting calendar for the month of May in Switzerland! Get your palates and glasses ready!

First, we start with a trip to the lovely lakeside city of Neuchâtel.


5-6 May

Open Cellars in Neuchâtel! Visit the Neuchâtel vineyards in a festive atmosphere and enjoy the free bus service organized along the coast.

35 caves from the region are participating. It’s worth a trip if you haven’t been.

For more information visit their website:


From there, we travel to Lac Leman and the Lavaux region of the canton of Vaud for a fun one day event in the village of Epesses.


May 6th 09:00-17:00

The Lavaux town of Epesses celebrates its annual wine Festival.

For 80 CHF the package includes unlimited tasting of all the new 2016 wines presented by the winegrowers in the village, lunch, your own large 140cl bottle  of Epesses wine to take home, a Vaudois sausage, a portion of cheese and your souvenir glass. Or you can simply do the wine tasting only for 25 CHF.

There is a trolley ride offered through the vineyards of the area. There is a helicopter ride over the scenic UNESCO wine terraces also for 50 CHF. That sounds amazing!

Get 30% off your Swiss rail train fare to Epesses as well.

For more info please visit their website:


After a rest during the work week, we’re off again and headed to Martigny in the canton of Valais for “La Cinquième Glorieuse”!


12-13th May  17h-21h

A “gathering for savvy tasters” at CERM in Martigny. 39 caves from the local region offering wine tasting. Includes a gourmet food section with food vendors from the region and an after hours area with live music. 25 CHF.

For details visit their website:


Hang in there, there’s more to go! If that’s not enough, we have to make our way back to Geneva for the annual Caves Ouvertes Geneva! It’s only one day so you should be fine.


20 May  10h-17h

This is the 30th anniversary of the annual event. Up to 90 caves will be open to the public for tasting in the canton of Geneva. There are some interesting wines coming from the region, make sure to stop in Satigny and Dardigny. There will be a free shuttle service between some of the areas. A good place to park would be in Russin area. Wine tasting glasses are 10 francs, a bargain!


Ok, so luckily that was only one day and you get to rest on Sunday. The end of the month will be finishing off with a bang! Open cellars in both the canton of Valais and Ticino! Wow! We are lucky to live in Switzerland!



25-27 May  11h-19h

Valais is known for it’s Alps and skiing such as Verbier, Nendaz, and so on. But in the valley and along the hillsides are some excellent and exciting wine producers. This makes for a great weekend escape.

There are more than 230 caves participating across a wide area. There are specials on hotels and public transport in the area during the event, but don’t wait long to book!

Sion is the largest and most central town, would recommend to be based there if staying over the weekend. Definitely visit Fully, Salgesch and Sierre.

For more info and a brochure listing all the participating vineyards:


Last but not least, a visit to Lara Gut’s favorite, Ticino! A beautiful place and I get to speak Italiano! Grazie! Famous for their Merlot’s. You have to visit and give it a try.


27-28 May  10h-18h

Another beautiful Swiss region on the southern border with Italy. The annual wine festival is held on the last weekend in May. There are some fantastic wine makers in Ticino. The Merlot’s win international awards.

Check back on my events calendar for more details in May.

Here’s the link to the official website: 


Phew, that’s a lot to process! Can’t wait for what’s in store in June!

Happy wine tasting. May your glass never be empty!

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