Perroy, Switzerland

Perroy, CH

Just up the hill past the lakeside town of Rolle is the quiet and quaint village of Perroy. There’s some amazing architecture and splendid views of Lac Leman and Mont Blanc as you stroll down the cobblestone streets.

The town dates back a thousand years when monks settled there in the 10th century. They cleared the hillside and planted the first vines in the 12th century. The vineyard along with a cellar, wine press and an apartment for the winemaker were acquired by the commune of Perroy in 1914. It’s only 3.5 hectares but makes up 45% of the available land.

Perroy even has grapes on a vine as their coat of arms. That is how highly the vineyard is regarded in this village. The varietals are Chasselas, a white grape indigenous to the region, and Pinot Noir is the red grape grown. Most of the wine produced is drunk by the locals and not distributed. Some of the wine has been recognized with wine tasting awards.

Vini Toscani

Vini Toscani Wine Tasting Room

Nestled in this small ancient Swiss enclave of 1500 people you will unsuspectingly find a taste of Tuscany at Vini Toscani, exclusively offering Tuscan wines, which is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in Perroy this year!

I had the pleasure to meet with Thery Couturier, a wine associate and head of communications for Vini Toscani recently to talk about their business.

Thery met and quickly became good friends with the son of the owner while attending university in Paris. That was how he was introduced to the business. He now lives in Lausanne and works full time at Vini Toscani.

Vini Toscani was started by Robert Abegglen in 1997 with only a few bottles from one Tuscan winemaker on offer. The family business has grown in the past twenty years with a loyal clientele. Today they boast having the largest selection of Tuscan wines available in Switzerland, and the only wine seller in the region who is working exclusively with Tuscan wines. They have gone from one producer to a total of twenty two!

Two years ago a new wine tasting room which includes a professional kitchen for special events and a warehouse were added to the original family home in Perroy, making it a great place to enjoy wine and organize an event.

Mr. Abegglen now spends most of his time living in Tuscany with his wife and returns for wine tastings and special events. He is very passionate about the Tuscan region and the wines produced there. Having lived in Tuscany for many years, he knows the area very well and continues to explore and discover new and exciting wine producers who are just as passionate about wine as he is.

This passion reflects in the business. You will find unique wines that you won’t find anywhere else in Switzerland or even outside of Tuscany for that matter. They are very selective in choosing what wine producers and wines they sell, getting to personally know and visit each vineyard, ensuring that they are using sustainable farming methods, and that they share common beliefs of respecting the land and nature while producing fantastic wines.  It wasn’t intentional, but many of the wineries they have chosen to work with are making excellent natural biodynamic wines.

The staff at Vini Toscani don’t think of themselves as professional wine sellers, but as wine enthusiasts welcoming and sharing wines with their customers. You will find they are very knowledgeable about each producer and bottle, explaining the terrain, grape varieties, and telling a personal story of the wine producer. At many of the wine tasting events they will invite one of the Tuscan wine producers to attend in person and guide you through their wines, history and winemaking process.

The goal of Vini Toscani is to avoid the mass produced or well known Tuscan wines, focusing instead on small and medium-sized producers with limited production, whose wines offer the best price to pleasure ratio. They are continually searching for high quality and unique Tuscan wines to share in Switzerland.

In addition, they also offer excellent high end Tuscan olive oils, balsamic vinegar and of course, grappa.

Upcoming Events

The next wine tasting event is a mini cave ouverte on April 1st from 10h30 to 17h00.  I highly recommend a visit! I plan on being there. Hope to see you!

You can also discover their wines at the upcoming wine fairs:

Wine fair “Divinum” in Morges from 5 to 10 April 2017
Wine fair “Arvinis” in Montreux from 26 April to 1 May 2017

Be sure to visit their booth if you are planning on attending.

For further information, please feel free to visit their website:

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